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Monster Evo 3 101

The Top Product For KA4 & Mini Max Classes

Informed by thousands of races and track tests from our factory teams, our company‘s engineers are constantly analysing, improving and developing our products.


Main Features

Monster Evo 3 101

Tubular Frame Ø28X2 mm
White Bodywork and supports MK20 model CIK-FIA homologated
Brakes 30mm Axle Model – MKB-V2 brake system CIK-FIA homologated
Brakes 40mm Axle Model – RBS-V2 Brake System CIK-FIA homologated
Steering wheel Ø330 mm “M5 R” steering wheel oval handle
Aluminium Wheels 30mm Axle Model – Ø5 inches, 115 mm with bearings (front) – 140 mm (rear)
Magnesium Wheels 40mm Axle Model – Ø5 inches, 132 mm bolt on (front) – 212mm (rear)
Tank Capacity 4.5 litre
Racing seat, sizes: XXS |XS
Axle – 30mm Axle Model – Ø30x5x960mm – S | M | H 
Axle – 40mm Axle Model – Ø40x3x1000mm – S | M | H 
Spindles Ø17mm with Ø10mm kingpins and Camber – Caster regulation system
Aluminium pedals adjustable (8 position)
Front Hubs – 40mm Axle Model – Ø17mm x 70mm Titanium Gold Anodised
Rear Hubs – 30mm Axle Model – Ø30mm x 40mm Titanium Gold Anodised 
Rear Hubs – 40mm Axle Model – Ø40mm x 75mm Titanium Gold Anodised




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Monster Evo 3 101

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